But she's bound to her oath to "do no harm" and can't bring herself to murder him. For the Sisters Who Opened It, It’s a Love Story. The season five finale of Starz Outlander ended on a good note, kind of. ", "I think she was just doing it for Roger and Jemmy," she explains. In the book, Claire is with her kidnappers for a number of days. … Article continues below advertisement. “You are alive. At Fraser's Ridge, Lionel Brown's militia abducts Claire and attacks Marsali. “It is myself that kills for her.” Nearby, Ian quickly adds, “And I.” And then Fergus breaks my heart as he says, “And I, Milady.”. | The next morning, Claire shows up in her surgery, briefly considers offing Brown with a scalpel but drops it, grits out “I will do you no harm” and then flees upstairs to collapse in sobs. ", It's not Skelton's fault that Outlander's season-five finale includes some of the series' most horrific moments to date. ), Jamie finds his stepdaughter later, sitting on the ground next to the body. We’re into a new place and period. ", Brianna and Claire's emotional reunion at Fraser's Ridge culminates seasons of growth, Skelton says. Be ye warned: This post contains major spoilers from Outlander’s Season 5 finale. Outlander season 5 spoilers follow – including the finale.. Wow. The fifth season of Starz's Outlander ends on Sunday, May 10.; Season 6 has been confirmed and will be largely based on the book A Breath of Snow and Ashes. “I have lived through a fucking world war, I have lost our child,” she says, crying as she vows that she won’t be shattered by what happened to her in the woods. Article continues below advertisement. As Jamie and Claire lie in … Season 2 ended with the Frasers separating themselves by 200 years. But they’re a little spoilery, so if you haven’t read the books and don’t want an inkling of what might be ahead, skip down to the polls now. They discovered Claire had dispensed medical advice to women under the pseudonym Dr. Rawlings—a breach of the time's gender norms and a personal affront to Lionel, who assumes Claire's advice interfered with his marriage. We'll have to wait through an extended Droughtlander to find out what he means: Production on season six is delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. He reassures her that Brown won’t haunt her and she’s not going to hell. BLAST FROM THE… FUTURE? Outlander Season 4 ended with a cliffhanger that doesn't compare to the stakes the show is usually capable of and doesn't leave us begging to know what happens next for the Fraser family. It’s Claire, looking very 1970s chic with a bob and a tailored red dress, and she sits in the living room of a sunny, modern home staring at a painting that looks vaguely like it’s of the big house at Fraser’s Ridge. Just as Brianna and Claire's relationship deepens due to the finale's heartbreaking course of events, so does Marsali and Claire's. As Claire is held prisoner, she imagines she and Jamie are living in the 1960s. Original post, 1/12/18: Outlander fans, you can rest easy. Today’s biggest stories, from pop culture to politics—delivered straight to your inbox. All die except for Lionel, who's brought back to the Ridge for questioning (and eventual punishment). I think it’s obvious that it’s her responsibility in that moment [to kill him] and she knows that she can. Outlander has had no shortage of uncomfortable and difficult-to-watch scenes over the years, but the Season 5 finale, “Never My Love,” was perhaps the most devastating in its entire run. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement (updated as of 1/1/21) and Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement (updated as of 1/1/21) and Your California Privacy Rights. ‘Outlander’ EPs Break Down Claire’s ‘Survival Mechanism’ in Season 5 Finale (SPOILERS) 7 months ago ‘Outlander’ Recap: The Family That Travels Through The Stones Together… 8 months ago The episode’s storytelling is so intentionally fragmented, in order to telegraph Claire’s extreme panic and trauma, that it’s hard to get a sense of when things are happening. If you like TVLine, you'll LOVE our weekly newsletter. "You saw the strength of who she is, and it’s not just, ‘I’m killing someone out of revenge,’" says Lyle. “I’ll watch you burn in hell before I let you harm another soul in this house.” Then she injects him with hemlock, killing him. Before the finale, episode 11 left us with two cliff-hangers that fractured the Fraser clan. Claire is then tied up, beaten, and raped as Lionel's prisoner. He cuts her free and sits her up, and if there were an Emmy for Outstanding Acting With Just the Facial Muscles, Sam Heughan would have this year’s race all sewn up. Bree, Roger, and Jemmy attempt to time travel back to the relative safety of the 1960s. All 12 episodes of Outlander Season 5 will come to Netflix Canada on Jan. 16, 2021. 'SNL': Kristen Wiig Is Pigeon Lady In 'Home Alone 2' Parody, Peter Guber and Ciara Headline SPAC For Celebrity-Driven Sports…, 'The Ripper' Review: An Elusive 1970s English Serial Killer Is…, 'Saturday Night Live's' Alex Moffat Takes Over Role of Joe Biden…, Soothe Chapped Lips with the 9 Best CBD Lip Balms, Copyright © 2020 TVLine Media, LLC. ; While filming has not yet begun due to the coronavirus pandemic, here is what we do know so far. This is pre-Revolutionary War Colonies. Lionel Brown, injured and now the captive, spits graphic threats at Claire and Marsali while lying on the surgery table. Meanwhile, the episode in which Claire’s attack is placed is a stylized — and in my opinion, well acted and executed — adaptation of the source material that begs some intriguing questions for Season 6 and beyond. The men of Fraser’s Ridge move with brutal efficiency as they lay waste to Brown’s group: Ian tomahawks someone between the eyes, and Roger kills a man then seems surprised that he was able to do so. Anyway, now it’s your turn: Grade Outlander‘s finale and Season 5 on the whole via the polls below, then hit the comments with alllllll of your thoughts! But before we get to that, let’s deal with this: Read on for the highlights of “Never My Love.”. “Now you’re going to repent for your sin,” he says, sounding like he’s really going to enjoy taking her to Brownsville and making her confess to the women what a charlatan she truly is. Only one episode of Outlander Season 5 is left before fans are sent into yet another Droughtlander, and the wait for Season 6 could be especially … Memories of those experiences won't dissolve with a new storyline. Meanwhile, Jamie finds Claire drifting in and out of reality. Claire's capture and ’60s coping mechanism take us only 20 minutes into the finale. Skelton also reminds us there's a storm brewing that will affect every single character. That vision comes crumbling down when Brianna and Roger see that Jamie has lit the Ridge's wooden cross—a sign of war—and learn that Claire's been abducted. Outlander season five only recently came to a dramatic finale, but the plot of season six is already on viewer's minds. Because the cast seems scared. Only Wavy Hair’s intervention keeps her from suffocating. At the Outlander season five conclusion, all's quiet at Fraser's Ridge. A shocking scene in the 'Outlander' season 5 finale served as a troubling reminder that graphic depictions of sexual violence remain an oft-used trope in the saga. Heughan is currently in London quarantining for his next film project, Text for You, which will film before Season 6 of Outlander goes back into production in January. “You hurt me. "In that moment when she sees Claire, she knows what’s happened," Skelton says. “Not so high and mighty now, are we?” he sneers at her after, calling out to the rest of the men if any of them want “a go.” At least two more sleaze their way over, but thankfully, we don’t see what happens next. A recap of the season 5 finale of Outlander on Starz, episode 12, ‘Never My Love.’ In fact, back in 2018, the successful Starz series was renewed for Seasons 5 and 6 in one fell swoop. But Roger says he’s going with his father-in-law, and Josiah says ditto. Before Sophie Skelton can walk me through the emotional twists in the season-five finale of Outlander, she wants to apologize. Brace yourself for more Droughtlander: come May 10, Outlander will air its fifth season finale, and with it comes both good news and bad.The good? — comes over and has a moment with Claire where they just clutch each other. Outlander Season 4’s finale is certainly likely to have a different feel to previous ones. "It’s meaningful to protect everyone else and for a much bigger picture. The latest Outlander news:. Claire has very few lines in her daydream, but here she starts to cry and moan “No” as she slides backwards through the house. © 2020 Condé Nast. "We all knew how sort of steeped in horror it all was," Lyle says of the 1960s sequence. Caitriona Balfe Breaks Down the 'Outlander' Finale Heughan and Balfe are first-time producers this season, and their influence is most evident in this episode, Heughan says. Brianna, Roger, and Jemmy don't make it back to the 20th century in Outlander's season-five finale. Just wow. They talk about how the revolution is rolling in soon — much like the rainstorm that’s suddenly appeared on the horizon — and suddenly, sweetly, she says she loves him. Outlander season five only recently came to a dramatic finale, but the plot of season six is already on viewer's minds. "In the time that [Marsali] lives in, she has to butcher animals and have so many children by the age of 20-odd, and keep a whole Ridge afloat at times," Lyle explains. Outlander finale recap: 'Eye of the Storm' ... And so concludes this third season of Outlander, which began so strongly but weathered a few unfriendly waves in its later episodes. "I know quite a lot about what’s going to happen with Fergus and Marsali in terms of their relationship, and all I can say is that it’s entirely different to what we’ve seen before," Lyle says. MARSALI FTW! Then Lionel stands back and watches the kid fumble his way under Claire’s skirts but ejaculate before he can violate her properly. Gorgeous.). She hates that her mother has now been privy to such an awful, awful scenario as well. They’ve clearly had sex for the first time since her rape, and it’s clearly been tough for both of them. Bree's immediate reaction: “There’s a slight fear that she’s kind of failed them because she was thinking of home, and home to her is her parents,” Sophie Skelton says. “Lionel reaped what he sowed, and you did what you must,” Richard says, “as will I, when the time comes.”, THE NEW NORMAL | Back at home some time later, Claire is still bruised but is on the path to healing. Claire's rescue and the deaths that follow will have consequences in the story ahead. The MacKenzies have no idea while they didn’t go back to their own time, but the fact that both Rog and Bree were thinking about “home” may indicate that they’re going to stay in the 18th century longer than anyone planned. The "Outlander" season-five finale is finally here. ‘Outlander’ Season 3: A Rushed Finale Strands Claire and Jamie in a New World. When the season finale begins, Claire tries and fails to escape her kidnappers. Halie LeSavage is a retail reporter and occasional Outlander correspondent. Outlander Season 6 isn’t confirmed as the final season right now and there are a lot of reasons to renew it. Outlander Season 6 finally has a … (Though I fear Henri-Christian’s birth is going to be the trajectory for that downward spiral…). (If/when you are somehow able to rewatch this episode, take note of the way Heughan keeps Jamie’s focus trained on Claire even when literal bloody murder is taking place a few feet away. Rawlings,” is determined to make her hurt for the indignities he suffered when his wife refused to sleep with him. In this week’s hour, Claire is beaten, cut, bound, gagged and eventually raped by Lionel Brown (and possibly others) as punishment for having the audacity to suggest that women needn’t submit to the sexual whims of their husbands. Claire wouldn't be kidnapped for daring to practice medicine; Murtagh wouldn't have died in battle; Marsali wouldn't carry a family on her shoulders. Follow her @halie_lesavage. Any bullet dodged there turns out not to have mattered much, because Lionel then kicks and punches Claire, climbing on top of her and raping her himself. “She isn’t going to stand around and wait for someone else to come along and help her. By "I don’t think it’s something I’ve ever seen happen in a show, especially a period drama. BOOMERANG EFFECT | Let’s momentarily distract ourselves from Claire’s violation and humiliation by finding out what the heck happened to Bree, Roger and Jem, aye? On Twitter, showrunner Matt B. Roberts noted that the writers are still working on the next season. and so’s her baby! When Jamie returns Lionel's body to Brownsville, Lionel's brother threatens that he'll "do what he must" to avenge Lionel. The Outlander Season 5 finale definitely left fans hanging on to see how Claire will carry on when Season 6 picks up in Starz' time-hopping historical drama. Somehow they're still in 1772. Amber Dowling At one point she struggles, and the thug in the red coat slashes her across her collarbone. There Brianna and Claire share a quiet reunion that would have been unthinkable an episode before. She’s tied up and beaten, her nose bloodied. At another point, a different guy with wavy hair ties her up and makes casual mention of the man on the moon, which piques her interest, even in her incredibly freaked-out state. For now, Lyle hints that the relationships we know and love will face new challenges. Lyle and Skelton both say the cast haven't seen scripts yet, so it's unclear how the Frasers' next onscreen chapter will compare with the books. ", Marsali's decision to kill Lionel Brown via injection is a matter of survival, Lyle says. After she's captured by Lionel Brown's militia, Claire creates a mental escape by picturing the Fraser family at a Thanksgiving dinner in the 1960s. Outlander Season 5 will come to Netflix Canada next month. Meanwhile, Ian paints his face, shaves the sides of his head and readies himself for battle. "Outlander" star Sam Heughan reacts to the popular Starz drama's shocking Season 5 finale in the latest episode of "Can't Stop Watching." BEFORE YOU GO… | And now, as #Droughtlander begins, I’ve got questions. That night, we see them both naked in bed, Claire curled into him. [Warning: the following story contains spoilers from Sunday's Outlander season four finale.]. Someone please summon Roger to say a wee prayer over my grave, because I just died of aching solidarity with these loves. Staying in 1772 "solidified for them that that is where they belong. Sophie Skelton and Lauren Lyle break down the episode's most gripping moments. But the adaptation and impact of the Outlander season 5 finale … Jamie is there, and he wraps her with a plaid and holds her near. In a matter of moments, Brianna's gone from believing she'll never see her parents again to expecting a beautiful reunion back at Fraser's Ridge. Their home is their family," Skelton says. And can we maybe not be as worried about A Breath of Snow and Ashes-era Fergus as I was when I was reading the book? The Outlander Season 5 finale definitely left fans hanging on to see how Claire will carry on when Season 6 picks up in Starz' time-hopping historical drama. Caitriona Balfe Breaks Down the 'Outlander' Finale Heughan and Balfe are first-time producers this season, and their influence is most evident in this episode, Heughan says. Everything really starts to come together and settle, and they start to feel that it’s their home away from home, if you like. ‘Outlander’ Finale Review: ‘Never My Love’ Closes Season 5 with a Brutal Assault In the Season 5 finale, Jamie races to find his wife as Bree and Roger find their way home. Starz series Outlander has finished for another season with the next instalment already in the works. "Roger doesn’t fit in in the past as well as Brianna does, and it’s been a dangerous place for Jemmy." Be ye warned: This post contains major spoilers from Outlander‘s Season 5 finale. At other times, we see moments from a family Thanksgiving dinner. In a massive twist, season … Don't expect that to last in season six. "But that was a once-in-a-lifetime experience with Outlander because, as far as I’m aware, Fergus and Marsali can’t travel in time.". Whatever's in store, we know the women of Fraser's Ridge will get through it together. In the last episode of Season 1, Jamie was sexually violated by Black Jack Randall in exchange for Claire’s safety and release. As for Claire and Brianna, they've dealt with immense trauma in season five. OK, Oldlanders: Will Brianna, Roger and Jem ever go back? Outlander Season 5 Finale Marsali Fergus Lauren Lyle Interview. The season five finale of Starz Outlander ended on a good note, kind of. "The American Revolution’s on the way, and I’m sure the Frasers are not out of the woods, because they never are," she says. Tonight’s episode, which was titled Never My Love, was written by showrunner Matthew B. WE GATHER TOGETHER | Throughout her ordeal, we see Claire escape to the warmly lit, late 1960s-era oasis in her mind. Glamour may earn a portion of sales from products that are purchased through our site as part of our Affiliate Partnerships with retailers. Unfortunately, before everyone turns in for the night, Lionel brings a teen over to Claire and invites the boy to rape her. Brianna's attempted journey is a major deviation from the books, Skelton says. The Outlander Season 5 finale is two days away. What about wee Mandy? She's dealt another setback when one of Lionel's gang members reveals that he's also a time traveler, but he refuses to help Claire escape. Starz has already greenlit Outlander for Season … Skelton notes that Brianna repeats to Claire a variation of the line Lizzy said to Brianna after her assault: "If you need a hand to hold or an ear to listen, it’s here. Outlander returned to an agonizing, if familiar, place Sunday: the rape of a lead character during the show’s season finale. In fact, back in 2018, the successful Starz series was renewed for Seasons 5 and 6 in one fell swoop. Jamie, Roger, and the men of the Ridge manage to extract Claire from her captors in a bloody standoff. HOME SAFE | Back at the Ridge, Bree runs to her mother. "Yet she’s very young and actually, in [the 1960s], wouldn’t be ready or prepared or expected to do any of that. The fifth season of time travel period drama Outlander drew to a close this … She and Jamie stand on the porch, watch their family frolick in the front yard and enjoy “this ordinary day,” as she calls it. However, the season five finale titled Never My Love proved to be a … ", Processing her own trauma—Brianna was raped by Stephen Bonnet in season four—gives Brianna the perspective to help Claire heal. The Ripped Bodice Was the First Romance Bookstore in the Country. To simply say this finale is brutal would be an understatement. Just wow. Outlander star and producer Caitriona Balfe on the nuances of the season 5 finale, how producing changed her perspective, and what's next for Jamie and Claire in season 6. Next: 25 most romantic moments on Outlander so far Watch Outlander with a FREE 7-day trial of Amazon Channels! 'Outlander' Season 4, Episode 13 recap: Find out what happens in the finale, 'Man of Worth.' There's no getting around it: It's horrific to see Claire abused. In fact, the whole season will likely feel very different. She says she’s glad the others are dead and insists she’s “just a little shaken” but doesn’t want him to worry. Share Share Tweet Email Comment. [Editor’s Note: The following review contains spoilers for the Season 5 finale of “Outlander,” titled “Never My Love.”]. Jamie clasps her hand and promises that “When the day shall come that we will part, if my last words are not I love you, then you’ll ken it’s because I didn’t have time.”. Outlander spoilers below.. Brianna's fear turns into relief when Roger says he was also thinking of home when they went through the stones. All My Children Primetime Sequel Series in Development at ABC, From…, Virgin River Renewed for Season 3 — Meet the Town's New…, Superstore Spinoff Bo & Cheyenne in Development at NBC, American Gods Season 3: Shadow Has an Audience With Blythe Danner's Goddess -- 2021 FIRST LOOK, 50 Cent's Black Mafia Family Adds Russell Hornsby, Steve Harris. "It’s a gruesome one. Bree gives the briefest of explanations as to why they’re back (“It didn’t work”), so Jamie asks her and Roger to stay and guard the land while he’s gone. Jamie starts to tell her he knows how she feels — and here, I really missed the dialogue from the book where they draw parallels between Jamie’s rape and her own — but Claire’s anger boils over. OUTLANDER season 5 came to a shocking and heart-breaking conclusion after Claire Fraser was abducted and sexually assaulted. After Bree helps Claire bathe, Jamie lets his wife know that Brown is tied up in the surgery. In flashes, though, we are back in the 1700s and learning what happened to Claire after Lionel Brown and his men kidnapped her at the end of the previous episode. Starz renewed “Outlander” for Season 5 and Season 6 at the same time. It has been a long wait, but Canadians will soon be able to watch Outlander Season 5 on Netflix. And Outlander … CAVALRY’S HERE | After the latest chapter in her terrifying ordeal, Claire wakes up to the sounds of fighting in the camp. That leaves Marsali to deal with the prisoner, who won’t stop running his mouth about how he and his brother will burn them in their homes while they sleep. May 10 2020, 5:53 PM PDT, RELATED STORIES Outlander Season 5 Finale saw Claire fighting for her life, and Jamie leading the men of Fraser's Ridge to find and save her. Being set in the 1700s means that violence in general is no stranger to Outlander and its characters. You hurt my family,” she says, leaning over him. Then he wraps the corpse, slings it over Brown’s horse and delivers it to Richard Brown in Brownsville. Brown’s act is heinous, intentionally difficult to watch and straight out of author Diana Gabladon’s writing; though, as I mentioned last week, it’s a bit ahead of schedule. "It’s been really high stakes the whole time.". All rights reserved. “Christ, you’re a brave, wee thing,” he whispers. (This is a change from the book — Mrs. Bug offs him in A Breath of Snow and Ashes — but I’m good with it. Only one episode of Outlander Season 5 is left before fans are sent into yet another Droughtlander, and the wait for Season 6 could be especially … Between the swelling from the hits she’s taken to the face and the swelling from crying, she starts to choke on the cloth in her mouth. But viewers will definitely agree with her description. And, happily for Outlander fans, despite film offerings coming in, Heughan seems to be content to go the distance with the series based on the novels by Diana Gabaldon. | One night while the kidnappers make camp, Brown doesn’t like the way a gagged Claire is evil-eyeing him. “Does the name Ringo Starr mean anything to you?” he whispers, taking the gag out of her mouth as she coughs and tries to even out her breathing. Even for “Outlander,” this finale is a lot. outlander-finale-recap-season-5-episode-12- HOME SAFE | Back at the Ridge, Bree runs to her mother. ‘NOW YOU’RE GOING TO REPENT’ | A woman’s red-manicured hands place a record on a turntable, and The Association’s “Never My Love” begins to play. She’s shocked but warily answers yes. Marsali's doing what she must to protect her family from a proven abuser; it's an act of resilience. Though Donner won’t untie her at first, he eventually agrees to help her escape later that night in exchange for her leading him to a stone circle so he can go home. Outlander has woven Claire's past-future into other episodes, but never like this. Nearly everything is dangerous in 1771, when Outlander's current season takes place.But the new threat to Jamie's life "really comes out of nowhere," Heughan says. Following Outlander season five's extremely eventful and emotional final episode, all eyes are now on what happens next, so it's good news that season … They make plans for him to return after the men have fallen asleep. Kimberly Roots / When we first see Jamie and Jack in the season finale of Outlander, the two men are naked, in … She knows that she has to do it herself, and the responsibility is on her.”. “How do you feel?” She considers the question, then quietly answers, “Safe” as the rain cascades down outside. To revisit this article, visit My Profile, then View saved stories. In our Outlander season 5 finale recap, we address all the questions the episode, "What Dreams May Come," left us, including what happened … Then Marsali — who’s OK! Watching the Outlander Season 4 finale, “Man of Worth,” made me think of when I saw Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.I went with a friend who … reserved.PMC Entertainment. In Outlander News, Find Out When Season 6 Will Start Filming!. ", The flashes remind viewers of how different life could be for the Frasers if they'd lived in the right place at the right time. So Marsali, in a stunning twist, injects Lionel with a toxic substance and kills him after Claire leaves the room. Weeeeell, everyone but Lionel Brown, whom Jamie orders restrained and brought home with them to answer questions. By Allison Keene Dec 11, 2017. All rights So he puts a rope around her neck and ties her to a tree a ways off from the fire. Outlander season 5 spoilers follow – including the finale.. Wow. You are whole, mo nighean donn,” he says calmly while clearly freaking out on the inside. On the way back to the Ridge, they see Jamie’s cross ablaze and meet up with Bree’s father — who’s wearing a kilt, which you know means he’s ready to eff ess up — as he’s marshaling his men near the big house.