I wish we had the Tour in the US. I also want to know if Jonus is making the switch from K7 Lime. I would like to try it out myself! Please bear in mind that I need a bit more time to make a complete review, but I am already quite confident about these racquets after playing with them for about a month. The coils measured 24 feet 1 inch (mains) and 19 feet 7 inches (crosses). Buy the HEAD Gravity MP. It depends on what you are looking for in your game. I have played with Blade v7 16-19 for couple of moths. More control, higher swing weight, more plow-through, thinner beam, a bit tougher to swing unless you are an advanced player. Would like to try an 18×20 and this looks good! If you want, control, feel, maneuverability, and comfort then this is a racket you need to look at. The HEAD Gravity racquet series is the new force in the game. I get better plow-through and feel with the Pro, but the Tour is easier to use. Hi, loved this review and many of your others too. I’m a all round player who likes to build the point on the baseline and attack the net when possible (should do that more often). A revolutionary frame design combined with advanced GRAPHENE 360+ technology and a massive sweetspot to dominate play. Easier to transition to for someone coming from a Wilson Blade or Tecnifibre Tfight XTC 305. The dynamic specs are measured during the impact between a ball and racquet. The spin potential of this racket is not huge, and you’ve got to have good swings to get good RPMs on the ball. and which one would you recommend for an advanced junior player? Radical graphene touch was appalling, but the new 360 line is great (particularly the 360 Speed). But since the whole industry talks about the “sweet spot”, I will stick to that phrase. I did add 8g to the heavier one’s buttcap which reduced balance by ˜10mm and improved things a bit, but didn’t solve the problem. The Gravity Pro is more of a control-oriented player stick, while the Clash gives you easier access to power and spin at the cost of some control and feel. I just want to point out here that the actual “sweet spot”, meaning the optimal position in the racquet head to hit the ball, does not variate much from different racquets, but the “sweet area” where you have more margin for error on off-center hits varies quite a bit. Babolat Pure Strike 16x19 3rd Gen. I like your review of Pure Strike 16×19 3rd, Wilson V7 16×19 and Head Gravity Tour. It sounds like the Speed Pro has a lot of qualities you like, so see how you can maximize it through the stringing. and is a a big difference, Hi Jonas, thanks a million for the playtest information. Armschonender Tennisschläger durch die spezielle Rahmenkonstruktion; Etwas leichter als der HEAD Gravity Pro, aber dennoch mit sehr guten Stabilitätswerten I really liked the pro version, because it was so stable i felt that i cant fail. Not for me, I’m more a fan of more oval shaped head racquets which I find better for control, but I can imagine the gravity line is good for heavy spin grinding from the baseline. I am still playing with though and should perhaps create a finalized review post. Gravity pro seems very interesting that I am mainly playing with a K7 Lime, many specs are the same other than the headsize and the beam width at the throat..it seems to be a more forgiving and probably less control oriented than the K7 Lime? Cheers / J. In any event, how do you think the Gravity Pro compares with the V1 Pro? 80/100. There are clear markings where to tie off your mains and crosses. What do you think when comparing both sticks. We find the demo thing is quite a big problem for many of our visitors which is frustrating. Sounds great! The 22 millimeter beam offers a good amount of punching power, but with a more controlled feel at contact than the MP. Compare. Compare. This was my favorite part of the playtest and I gave the Head Graphene 360+ Gravity Tour a 9 out of 10. I hit very well off both sides, playing with good depth and generally feeling confident on all the shots I attempted. The 18×20 pattern on the Tour was a bit disappointing – was hoping for 16×20 or 18×19 but perhaps it is a fairly open 18×20 with a not too low launch angle? The Gravity Pro seems an almost carbon copy of the Head IG Speed MP 18×20 specwise. I think the weight difference is probably your biggest consideration here. We know how you feel with your search for the holy grail. At 305g, the Gravity Tour is just that little bit easier to move about, but as a consequence, you do lose a little bit of swingweight. But you will be able to take balls better on the rise and block back defensive shots. Score: 85/100, HEAD Gravity MP – a more open pattern and even lower weight so easy to swing. Regards, Teoman. The Gravity Tour comes with Graphene 360+. di Mauro Simoncini | 17 luglio 2019 On the majority of shots, the Gravity Tour stayed pretty solid, but when the ball was really fired at me and I had to hit a difficult volley, it just lacked the kind of stability that separates the very best volleying rackets. Hi Cristiano, For aggressive players, the Gravity will give you a bit more precision and feel. However, I once again preferred the extra weight of the Gravity Pro over the Gravity Tour. An excellent racquet all round that instills confidence to go for your shots! Both rackets are strung with Head Hawk Touch (25/24kg, 1,20mm) and I‘ve made my choice all the way to…Babolat PS98! And the Gravity feels so good at impact :)) Am I right that it has higher power level even though its denser string pattern? There are lot of people who are going to find this racket really supplements their game nicely and you get the added bonus of great comfort. I haven’t played much for the latter 20 years so the bigger head will be a bonus!! Tecnifibre TF40 315. My frame is 10.8 ounces unstrung and I like that weight. It is great on serves, slice, offered decent topspin despite the tight pattern, has a comfortable feel, works well even when you flat out the ball. The extra maneuverability and pop really make for a good experience on serve and you can crank the MPH. Gives you good top-spin, comfort, and decent power. Hi, I think the HEAD Gravity Tour will be a great choice – a tighter string pattern that offers better control. The Pro is more control oriented than the MP and much heavier. Compare. Also the combination with Head Hawk Touch is just great I was checking your website/ YT-channel and so far no PS98 18/20 2020 test so far, when are going for it? Not a Pure Drive by any means, but a more forgiving player racquet. It really will depend on which weight works better for your swings. And talking a about stability e confort between HGravity Pro and Tour? However, if you don’t produce quite as much racket head speed, or you have one shot where you struggle to produce racket head speed then it might be worth looking at the Tour. The Tour is lighter but seems to have a stiffer frame, would I lose feel with the tour? It is not necessary to use a saw to check if they are full of foam, just remove the lid of the butcap you can check if they are filled or not !!! It depends on what you are looking for. Let’s look at the specs of the different models: Head size: 100 sq inches Length: 27 inches (standard) Weight: 315 grams unstrung Balance: 31,5 cm unstrung Beamwidth: 20 mm String pattern: 18×20, Head size: 100 sq inches Length: 27 inches (standard) Weight: 305 grams unstrung Balance: 32 cm unstrung Beamwidth: 22 mm String pattern: 18×20, Head size: 100 sq inches Length: 27 inches (standard) Weight: 295 grams unstrung Balance: 33 cm Beamwidth: 22 mm String pattern: 16×20. If you want a little more maneuverability then the Tour is that bit lighter, but if you’ve got strong, fast swings, then I would lean towards the Pro. In your opinion which one has something in similar with ezone DR 98 & weight 305 gr? I felt like the Head Speed Pro had changed quite a bit and it had left a gap that needed to be filled in. HEAD Gravity S – great for beginner to intermediates that want a larger head size and a light weight. My favorite of the bunch and a contestant for next racquet of choice for me. Great review as ever! Thanks for your comment. The Head Graphene 360+ Gravity Pro is one of the latest additions to the Head family of tennis racquets that delivers control, stability, and comfort. If you feel like my advice is really useful, please consider becoming a patron for $2 at patreon.com/tennisnerd DS. I believe the Gravity Pro version has a beefy swing weight but perhaps a bit too much for my taste, the Tour might be a bit easier to generate racket head speed with but will it pack a punch without lead? Head Graphene 360+ Gravity Pro. Thanks for the review, will definitely try these out as have been using the Angel K7 red since January, great racquet, good power to reach baseline but need more stability feel, and control on the volley which my old radical intelligence 18×20 provided, so was considering moving to the Angel K7 Lime, but will now consider this new gravity tour, pro racquet as an alternative. Hi Tennis Nerd! Thanks. The main difference is the fiberglass surface. The Gravity Tour is one of those rackets that makes playing tennis feel natural and I’m a big fan of that. One of my rackets sits at 302g, 320mm, 321SW (strung with Velocity MLT). Could you uncover the mystery ??? We have replied on the comment you left on Wilson Blade 98 V7. I am a tennis player that is always looking for the holly grail (but I still haven’t found what i’m looking for) that can give me a better performance. Ive had many Head racquets in the past. My shop didn’t order a demo of the Pro so I’m worried it might be a little too heavy? Very detailed and very tempting, so I ordered one to test… Dread the outcome as I am a Wilson man starting as early as the wilson jack kramer staff midsize, pro staffs (85 & 95), first blades and now the awesome v7 after a lame v6. Hi Jonas, I’ve been using the Prestige MP for almost a decade. The Gravity line gives you Head's old school feel in a modern player's-frame-style racquet. Volleys are knife sharp. Hi Marcus, The Gravity has a bigger sweet spot, a bit more free power, but is a bit slower through the air. One thing that confuses me with most rackets these days is the names. This racquet has a lower swing weight but still great feel and spin. Im still currently playing with a Head iPrestige Mid 600. My question is is the difference in swingweight between my racquet and the Gravit Pro significant? Please share any string tips for this racket if you have… The only minor point was the serve, no significant change from the v7 blade. Could you see if they are filled with foam ??? The Head Radical Pro Paddle includes many of the same features used in the Radical Tour. Thank you , Hi, I offer a consultation service if you want more detailed help: https://tennisnerd.net/product/consultation-racquet-and-string-advice. So a bit like cheating.. Having the 7 year itch in tennis… But I am too curious about this one… Will keep this thread active to let you know the verdict…, Hi Jonas Thanks so much for these awesome reviews! I loved to play with Head Graphene Youtek Radical Pro but moved to Head Speed Pro 360+ because tennis elbow. I liked that one a lot, but 295 grams unstrung, even with a close to even balance, is usually not my cup of tea. Easy racquet to play with for intermediate players. Liked the control, would prefer more maneuverability and like to get a little bit more in power department not (too much though) How does the Gravity pro compare to the Wilson Clash line? The new HEAD Gravity racquets should be a success for the company and for the players using these racquets. Let me know in the comments below. Not sure what the plus stands for, but since these racquets feel less hollow and more comfortable than the Graphene 360, I think it might be some kind of foam filling or other dampening material inside the frame. go on!!! Even with a factory string in there it played magically. Wilson Racquets Preview: Blade Pro, Blade 102 SW,... https://tennisnerd.net/product/consultation-racquet-and-string-advice. I was really impressed with all three of the racquets but felt most closely connected to the Gravity Pro. TK82S – seems like all new HEAD racquets are going this way. I am not sure which one I like more at the moment. I could not really find a shot where I did not like the HEAD Gravity. The Gravity Tour has a slightly higher ceiling in my opinion but for the majority of players, it’s just going to depend on which weight you feel more comfortable with and which racket suits your style of play better. It’s strong on all shots and earns an overall score of 9 out of 10. If you buy a racquet from our friends at All Things Tennis, you will get 5% off and a free string upgrade if you use the code: TENNISNERD at checkout. Great job from HEAD. I understand the situation, it is the same for me. Your email address will not be published. Yonex VCORE PRO 97 (310) Compare. Compared to the Gravity Pro (which also has an 18x20 string pattern), this racket is lighter and faster. Hello!!! I’d say the two rackets are very close when it comes to spin. Stringing Gravity MidPlus. but I understand it’s not available. I had to switch to MP and I added some weight to the neck. We all found the Gravity Tour worked well for us, but there will be some players it doesn’t work for. I used to play official tournaments in Portugal, and now, after a few years off, I’m planning to enter the senior (Age 44) ranking next year. Many thanks, Oli. Also what was the Prince racket you liked that you mention in this review? If that fails, then the Gravity Tour could be a good fit though. If you’re extremely confident in your swings and produce great racket head speed on all shots then it’s likely you would lean towards the Pro. Now HEAD has given us one more Gravity to choose from this holiday season; the Gravity Tour. You were a fan previously of the Angell K7 Red – how does it compare to the Gravity Tour (&MP)? It also has a slightly thicker beam, resulting in a tad more power. I came in a bit skeptical, but in the end, this is exactly what I wanted to see from HEAD, a players racquet that is not just a remake of older Prestiges but also takes into account the demand for a bigger sweet spot and more top-spin. Virtually none of us are Tour players or pros, so which rackets should we be looking at? Required fields are marked *. I am at 331g strung. We put the Gravity in the hands of one of our testers, Owen, who had also played with both the Head Radical Pro and the Radical Tour. There are more racquets in the line such as the S, MP Lite, but these are the ones I have tested. Can’t wait to string it with Luxilon ace 112.. But my guess is that they are not foam-filled, but use something called spiraltek fibers. The Head Graphene 360+ Gravity Tour provides a great alternative to the Gravity Pro and is more than capable of competing with its rivals. The closest to the DR 98 would probably be the Gravity MP. Can you compare Head Speed 360 pro and Gravity 360+ pro? The Pro gives you that little bit more control, so you can swing through at 100% absolutely safe in the knowledge the racket has enough to tame the ball. Thanks! Note: Our focus in this Gravity line review will be the Gravity Pro and the Gravity MP racquets. A revolutionary frame design combined with advanced GRAPHENE 360+ technology and a massive sweetspot to dominate play. Pro or Tour? Jonas – on the Tour and MP versions what is your estimate of their respective swing weights, and what about launch angle? The Clash is more muted, while the Gravity will be more “connected” to the ball. Lower static weight, but more weight in the head to compensate. All in all, it’s hard to fault this racket. So the Gravity Tour would be my suggestion. So after the review i also gave the tour a try and what should i say: Im in love!!! The blend of mobility, power and comfort at the net is unique in a modern player frame. Hi, tks for such a good review of the 3 rackets. The Racquet Comparison Tool compares properties of any two racquets. Gravity Pro . Though it is slightly less head light, the Gravity Tour handles sizzling passing shots with ease, and is easier to keep in proper volleying position thanks to the reduced weight. ; The comparison parameters include both statically and dynamically measured performance variables. I’m a pro player and I can’t find the right racket for me. Again, there was so much to like about the Gravity Tour here. Hi, tks for such a good review. I prefer the heft of the Gravity Pro, but these play very closely. Compared to the Gravity Pro (which also has an 18x20 string pattern), this racquet is lighter and faster. Interesting new line from Head indeed. . Hi Hugo, I think the Tour is easier to use, but the Pro has a sweeter feel. So not a rebrand. Hello Jonas, As the post Corona tennis season has started finally I could play intensively and tested my Head Gravity Tour against my new Babolat Pure Strike 98 18/20. Head too heavy. Gravity PRO . At the end of the day, this is a personal thing, but at the highest levels, I do think this gives the Gravity Pro a little bit more potential. I’m not able to play test either sadly, but coming from Fischer vacuum pro 90s I am looking for a 19/20mm beam and flex of around 61. The Gravity Tour is 10g lighter than the Pro, coming in at 305g unstrung, which puts it in direct competition with rackets like the Pure Strike (18 x 20) and Prince Phantom Pro 100 (18 x 20). The Pro, which Alexander Zverev endorses, is my personal favorite of the Gravity line so far, but all the ones I’ve tested have been very good racquets. I’m currently demoing the Gravity Pro. Serving, it’s less powerful than the Pure Strike 18×20, more powerful than Wilson Ultra Tour. Laslt would the Pro Hurricane TOur strings suit any of these racquets given my playing syle, in your opinio? I tested two racquets strung with HEAD Hawk Touch and the Gravity Pro still had the factory string (which is rarely recommended), but I wanted to keep it there as an experiment. I think I fall into that second bracket that we talked about though and I’d rather have that extra control of the Gravity Pro over the bit of pop of the Gravity Tour. Don’t get me wrong, this racket is still very much control-oriented, but it just gives you a little bit more oomph than the Pro. Hi Jonas! I’m still using the 2014 Graphene model and am looking into buying the newest version. If you want, control, feel, maneuverability, and comfort then this is a racket you need to look at. Thanks! It’s difficult to mark the Gravity Tour down too much though as it still put in a very decent performance. The Gravity Pro is much more difficult to use but more comfortable for the arm. I need to provide the power with this racquet, im fine with this but it would be nice to have a little more power without losing the control. It truly is a great stick.. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. towards the Pro. Pro or Tour? Hi tennisnerd, after your review i had to test the gravity line. That is all marketing of course, but what is really behind their new racquet line? I was never visually happy to play with a more rounded racquet, but this one does not bother me as much (it is a bit less extreme in shape). Overall, this was another great playtest. Thank you for your thoughtful and comprehensive review. If possible also how does the new v7 blade 16×19 compare also. The other sits at 305g, 325mm, 330SW (strung with Lynx). The Tour is much less stable e comfortble then the Pro or just a little bit…, In Brazil is very difficult to find a Have you tried HyperG or tour bite soft in the Gravity Pro? Thanks. If so, I am happy about that. and what type of player?????? Im a regular, recreational player, Im almost 60 and ive been playing since i was 15. Not as stable as the Tour and Pro. The Tour fills the gap between the 11.0 ounce Mid Plus and the substantially heavier 11.7 ounce Pro model. The 18 x 20 string pattern provides the control, but the racket flexes in such ways as to give you great comfort and feel too. I used speed s & Wilson blade 98s & radical mp. Kind regards Nikolaus, Hi Nikolaus, I haven’t tested the new Pure Strike 98 yet, will be easier to do so after my review. How would you compare it to the Gravity Pro? The Gravity Pro is more comfortable than the Speed Pro and gives you better control. Lots of good 18×20 options, so I want to make the choice that’ll help my game. Score. The Tour, on the other hand, gives you slightly more pop, that little boost you might need on your weaker side. Easier to transition to for someone coming from a Wilson Blade or Tecnifibre Tfight XTC 305. Compare. Dunlop Srixon CX 200 Tour 18x20. Both are good, the Speed is a bit faster and more powerful. PS. Head Radical Pro Review. At the end of the day though, you’ve got an excellent racket whichever you choose. Any thoughts on how these compare to the K7 lime? I’m a all round player who likes to build the point on the baseline and attack the net when possible (should do that more often). The Ezone 98 is more powerful and spin-friendly, while the Gravity racquets are more controlled and comfortable. Hi. That is why I was happy to see the specs of the HEAD Gravity Pro and the HEAD Gravity Tour. HEAD Graphene 360+ Gravity Tour v Pro Tennis Racket review by pdhsports.com With the release of the new Head Gravity range, our pdhsports.com tennis experts and local club level playtesters were excited to be able to take the range on court in advance of the official launch. I would have loved to see a mix of both of these frames; the 16x20 string pattern of the MP, the head-light balance of the Pro, and an … As low as €999,999.00. THanks and I look forward to future videos, I wish we had your weather in the UK! This is where the discussion of how you generate your power really comes in. Verglichen mit dem HEAD Gravity Pro ist der Tour etwas leichter und schneller. Hope this helps. It has a spec very similar to the Gravity Tour/Pro and the Graphene 360 speed pro. As low as $0.00. Volleying is where the Tour’s improved mobility over the Pro shows out. But with a static weight of almost 340 gr I was only able to play 2 sets after that it was out of control. The Head Graphene 360+ Gravity Tour provides a great alternative to the Gravity Pro and is more than capable of competing with its rivals. Last year I tried the Head Speed but did not connect to it and did not feel comfortable playing with it. is the head gravity for beginners or advanced players…. They are completely different racquets. Before we get into scores I want to compare the different models. There are no shared holes and the mains end at the throat (ideal for ATW). Difference between Head Prestige Pro and this Gravity Pro? The Tour and MP are fine racquets too, but the Pro is my choice of the bunch. My Gravity Tour should be with me mid next week and I can’t wait testing it out again with my string setup. Because after your review of the Prince i’m close to buying one, but this Head sound also very interessting. I used to play official tournaments in Portugal, and now, after a few years off, I’m planning to enter the senior (Age 44) ranking next year. The HEAD Gravity racquet series is the new force in the game. String-wise we set the Head Graphene 360+ Gravity Tour up with Babolat RPM Blast at 52lbs. The stability of the Gravity Pro is very good. Tks Jonas, I have hit a couple of times with the Tour version and liked it (lighter so more manouverable). This is a big contrast to your review, which praises its maneuverability… Wondering why our impressions might be so off? We found the Gravity Pro to be absolutely brilliant so it was only right that we got you a review of the Head Graphene 360+ Gravity Tour so that you can compare the two. Thanks. As I’ve said, I think the Gravity rackets make a great addition to Head’s lineup and they certainly offer something slightly different to the other options. I prefer to play from the baseline but happy to volley too. HEAD Gravity Pro – the heaviest racquet in the series. I have both the IG Speed 18×20 and the Gravity Pro – same mold, different materials, worse quality grommets. One serve that I found I was hitting particularly well with the Gravity Tour was my leftie slider out wide. Are you excited too? SO thanks for this review and for your work with the channel and this site. Hi Ed, The Gravity line is really arm-friendly so I wouldn’t worry about that. We gave the Head Graphene 360+ Gravity Tour a 9 out of 10 for groundstrokes. It also has a slightly thicker beam, resulting in a tad more power. Hi German, Yes, I know. Did you compare these sticks already, what’s your take on them, how would you rate them? Hi Tennisnerd, how would you compare this to the DR98? I’m wondering how does the Gravity Pro compares to the Prince Textreme 100 Tour? It’s such a solid racket but I probably need something slightly more forgiving as I get older. Der Hals hat eine normale, schlanke Form, ohne unnötige Bequemlichkeiten und Macken. Thanks for pointing this out, I kept getting the names mixed up! I have the same issue with both, but of course it’s more noticeable on the heavier one. Und er hat einen dickeren Rahmen, was außerdem zu mehr Power bzw. Hi Jonas, I am considering to change to Gravity Tour from Angell V3 TC100. Also, like the Isometric head shape of Yonex racquets, this actually seems to work to enlarge the sweet spot. Leistung führt! The Head Gravity Pro/Tour tennis racquet comes with a flip design and a teardrop-shaped head which effectively enlarges the sweet spot. Not sure which one I like best at the moment. Coming from RF97 and PS97 CV 315g the transition was made very fast and I truly love the direct connection this stick provides to me, it’s just pinpoint Tennis. I have heard different opinions here and design is highly personal, but for me it is fresh and a bit different. The biggest Problem for me was that after 1 hour match time i get a really tired arm and the quality of my game decreased. That being said I usually gravitate between Wilson Prostaf 97 tour (not the countervail), Yonex DR98 (which I sold recently… big mistake) and a Babolat Pure Strike 16/19. The 8 extra grams just does something extra as well. Head Gravity Pro Graphene 360+ Head Size: ... Babolat Pure Drive Tour Plus (2018) Compare. Does not require any customization in my opinion. You already know we think this is a pretty good racket, but how did the Gravity Tour do when we really put it through its paces? Is the head shape of this racquet different from pro? ButI think I want to try something different for a change. One word, WOW!!!!! maybe less aggresive version of the K7 Lime? Let’s look at the specs and tech of these different racquets. Lighter than the Gravity Pro, this racquet comes through contact very quickly and maintains a lot of control so you can play with a lot more confidence. It should be the Tour is 10g lighter than the Pro ? Does this line feel weight polarized like the Radicals? Hi, the Clash is more flexible and more noticeably so too. Abbiamo potuto provare sul campo due telai completamente nuovi di Head, in una veste grafica da prototipo. Head Gravity Tour Graphene 360+ Compare. Thank You. He really enjoyed these racquets.

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